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Reducing the amount of animal products that you eat will have a positive effect on animals, your health, and on the environment. Even going meat-free one day per week is a great step to take, which thousands of people and institutions have done through the Meatless Mondays campaign. Another easy and popular way to reduce animal products is by eating Vegan Before 6, where breakfast and lunch are vegan, but at dinnertime, you can eat whatever you want. Reducing the animal products you eat might also introduce you to new and delicious foods you wouldn't have tried otherwise.

The fewer animal products you eat, the more animals you will save from a lifetime of misery, the more you will enjoy the health benefits of a plant-strong diet, and the more you will reduce the devastating environmental impact of meat production. Please take a look at the resources below for more information to help you make positive changes in your diet.


The documents below represent some of the best free vegan literature currently available.

Guide To Meat Free Meals
Guide To Meat Free Meals
25 Reasons to Try Vegetarian
25 Reasons to Try Vegetarian
(guide to cruelty-free eating)
Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating
The Ultimate Vegan Guide
The Ultimate Vegan Guide
(why vegan)
Why Vegan


The links below are excellent resources for vegan recipes.


The following websites are great resources for finding vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants almost anywhere in the world. However, you can find a vegan option at almost any restaurant, especially at Chinese, Thai, Ethiopian, Arabic, and Indian restaurants.